Inredible Battles Of The History

War History Of The World

World has seen many qualified leader, skilled generals and brilliant military strategists. There are a lot of books and novels written about Alexander The Great and his conquests, Julius Caesar and his flawless skill as a strategist, Napoleon and his wild instinct for perceiving enemy’s nex move. Encyclopaedias contains too much information about all these leaders and their battles.

Nowadays we have a great tool to explore everything about the war history. It’s just one click away from us. No more drowning through the thick encyclopaedia’s countless pages. Especially Wikipedia website is doing a splendid job about offering large scale of information related to war history.

History Of World Wars

For instance when you search for Batlle Of Manzikert which is medieval war between the Byzantine Empire and Seljuk Empire Of Turks. You may see the facts categorised perfectly.

On the right menu, belligerents, commanders and leaders, strength of the armies, casualties and losses given apart from each other and you would have full knowledge about the war before diving in through the main body of the artilcle.

Main article provides the background, prelude, battle, aftermath menus, which is excellent. If there are other battles between two sides, the mother article is also attached at the bottom of the right side widget. Such as Byzantine–Seljuq wars or Greco-Persian Wars. I love reading these useful articles. Especially when you come across to a war movie, it’s nice to enter wikipedia and gain full knowledge about that particular war. And Good news: you can find any battle, no matter small or big one.

Battle Of Marathon

Battle Of Marathon

Took place between the ancient Greek city-states and Persians. Persians had the strongest army world had ever seen and they dreamed of capturing Greece but they failed. Greeks beaten the Persians in this battle and the following ones. This is a great story of antique ages.

Roman Legions

Battle of Pharsalus

The famous war for seizing the throne of the Roman Empire. Gaius Julius Caesar against Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. Caesar after being succesful in the Battles in Gaul and taking captive the king Vercingetorix, came back to Rome in victory. People of Rome presumed he will announce himself as the Tyrant. Pompey, Cato and other consuls of Roman Senate, wanted to reduce the growing power of brilliant Caesar. They were frightened by the idea of Julius Caesar becoming an emperor. Cause they would lose everyhing. Power, money and territory altough Caesar claims he means no threat to anybody’s position or family.

Pompey and his supporters cut the Caesar’s road when he was marching victorious to Rome after a battle. Caesar overran them and captured the Rome. Pompey fleed to Egypt and killed there by a former officer. Probably Caesar’s men’s plot.

Finally Caesar gained full power in Rome, until he had been killed in Senate by the people he trusts.

Battle Of Manzikert

battle of manzikert

Battle Of Manzikert took place Between the Seljuk Turks and Byzantine Empire of Greco-Romans. The leaders were Sultan Alp Arslan and Emperor Romanos Diogenes. Byzantine legions were more crowded and strong but they failed. Alp Arslan and his cavalry utterly routed the Byzantine’s infantry. Seljuks conquered the Anatolia aftermath.

This battle is not very well known but caused a great deal about reformation of Asia Minor’s official map. It’s efficiency can observed even today.

Battle Of Austerlitz

battle of austerlitz

Napoleon, the great genious of the battlefields. Beaten the Austrians and Russians by himself. The allies army had 85.400 men and Napoleon had only 67.000. However as he had well proved many times before, he was a brilliant strategist of the wars. He placed his deadly artillery pretty accurately and scattered the armies of Alexander I of Russia and Francis II of Austria. Result of course: Decisive French victory.

By Serhat Engül


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