Battle of Mohacs

Battle Of Mohacs

Ottoman Empire reached to its peak point by the time of Suleiman The Magnificent. Suleiman was a good strategist, warrior and ruler. He reigned from 1520 to 1566 as the Sultan (King) of the Ottoman Empire. He is known as the greatest ruler among all Ottoman emperors.

However, Sultan Suleiman was not only by himself. He was surrounded by competent administrators. They planned the operations all together.

Sultan Suleiman Of Ottoman Empire

Pargali Ibrahim Pasha

Pargali Ibrahim Pasha was the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. He was a Greek originated person who was brought to the Ottoman Palace as an infant. He was a brilliant boy. Therefore he was taken to the Enderun (Palace School) to be educated. Eventually he became the companion of the Suleiman and his commander in chief.

Pargali Ibrahim Pasha in a modern TV Show.

Battle Of Mohacs

Battle of Mohacs took place in the Balkans between the Kingdom of Hungary and Ottoman Empire of Turks. The battle took several hours and be concluded by decisive Ottoman victory.

Battle Of Mohacs 1526

The Ottoman Empire created a great war machine with the Devşirme recruiting system. They picked the sturdy, energetic and strong boys from their hometown (usually from Balkans) at a very young age. They trained them, educated them and gave them a new identity. For instance, Ibrahim Pasha, was one of them. As the brilliant ones are picked by the scouts and taken to the Enderun School (Palace School) primarily.

Ibrahim Pasha was the mastermind behind the most of the initial achievements of Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent.

Battle of Mohacs was one of the quickest battle to come to conclusion in the Ottoman war history. It culminated by the certain Ottoman victory in two hours.

Battle Of Mohacs between Ottomans And Hungarians in a painting.

The Hungarian army razed by the Ottoman janissary corps which is literally Ottoman legions.

According to the Hungarian academics, Hungary lost their most valuable human resources in the battle of Mohacs. Unfortunately many well educated Hungarian people died at the battle while trying to defend their lands.

The Decline Of Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire would have been through the same bitter results in the 19th century. While they will be fighting against Russians, Austrians, French and British navies and land forces over and over. Since the Ottoman lands were seen as a great treasure to share.

Eventually Ottoman Empire lost everything to allies after the World War I. The Balkan Wars from 1912 to 1914 and the WWI from 1914 to 1918 caused the Ottoman Empire to collapse. The long decline of the Ottoman Empire, however, had already started in 19th century.

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