Istanbul Journey With A Tour Guide

Istanbul Journey With A Local Tour Guide

Suppose that you plan a journey to Istanbul. Would not you want to see the deepness of Istanbul’s history? Well, actually this is something that you can do yourself! It’s best to hire a private tour guide to discover the hidden treasures of an old city.

Istanbul’s Amazing History

Roman Empire stepped in to the Istanbul by the end of 2nd Century A.D. Septimus Severus the Roman ruler was the first to think about converting Byzantium (Istanbul’s first name when it was nothing more than a little Greek town) into a Roman city. Septimus built some initial Roman buildings and left Istanbul.

Diocletian also considered to move the imperial capital to Byzantium or Nicomedia but somehow he did not do it. He was the first emperor who thought about moving the center to east.

Constantine the Great was the one who moved the capital of Roman Empire to an eastern city. He also considered three cities: Nicaea, Nicomedia, Byzantium. Finally he came into conclusion and decided to move to Byzantium. He predicted that the Istanbul would be a great place to carry out trade business. Moreover a very strategical point to rule the Roman Empire.

Istanbul Private Guide


Istanbul stayed as one of the most significant city of the Europe and Asia for long years during the Byzantine Empire period as well. The name of the city was Constantinople then.

Afterwards, Ottoman Turks captured the city and made it their capital. Istanbul was once more the capital of grand empire. It was the junction point of all important trade routes in the medieval and modern ages.

Discovering Istanbul With A Private Tour Guide

I would certainly recommend you to book a private tour guide in Istanbul city to discover these interesting historic facts. An experienced tour guide can help you discover this diverse culture.

Istanbul Tour Guide


Recommendation For A Guided Tour In Istanbul

Istanbul guided tours by official guide Serhat Engül. These private tours might be very useful to you. Serhat is an experienced tour guide that provide custom, personalized guided tours through Istanbul city. You can contact to him via his web site: Istanbul Private Tour Guide – Guided Tours by a local guide.

If you are planning a day trip from Istanbul to Ephesus. You might consider the ephesus tours of Turkland company. Please check the Best Ephesus Tours By Turkland article.

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